Check and notification for an operator if entries in a table made by this operator are older than e.g. 2 weeks

Hi all.

We have a scenario where an operator uses an app to create entries in a table. Something like a logbook.
While automation is still cooking in Beta, I would like to know the best way to check and possibly inform the operator about entries that he/she created which are older than 2 weeks and without updates since then.
What I initially had in mind is when the operator starts an app, a check is performed in the table to see if that particular operator has entries older than 2 weeks that haven’t been updated. And then some kind of notification based on the result.

Any suggestions about how to approach this?


Hi @HCEH, I think you could accomplish this with table queries and aggregations. I would create a table query that filters the table based on entries that are older than 2 weeks and belong to the logged in operator. You can use this query to populate an interactive table.

After that it depends on the user experience you’re looking for. For notifications, you could do something like add a count aggregation on top of it, and run a WHEN APP STARTS trigger to see if that aggregation is greater than 0. If it is, maybe navigate them to a step with your interactive table populated by the query showing open entries, and include some text that asks them to address them.

It’s dealers choice on the specifics, but table queries and aggregations will get you what you need to shape the experience.

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Hi @HCEH ,

Another way to tackle this within automations would be to utilize an insight generated from an analytic. You can track entries that are older than 2 weeks old using an insight and utilize that insight to trigger an automation that would trigger an email/another action.




Thanks @John and @jakerigos.

I will try both of your good suggestions. :+1: