Check If devices has camera inputs?

Hello all,
Is there a way to check if the device has cameras when entering a view?

If a device is not equipped with cameras, a special view should be accessed directly.

As an example:
Device has a camera and should scan a barcode directly.
If a device has been damaged and the camera can no longer be controlled, then a simple mask should be used as input.

I would like to know whether this can be checked beforehand.

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Hey @jajzler

Right now this isn’t possible in the product. I will connect with our developers to understand if this is possible technically, and if it is, I will write up a feature request for it. Tulip apps can be run in a browser, but that means we can only enable functionality that is possible in a browser, and often we have more limited device information in browser.

Broken cameras would be even tricker to track because every device might pass that information differently (and any device that can run chrome, can run a Tulip app), so its not scalable to try to track how each device would share that information with Tulip, if the device even does pass that information.

A great suggestion that we should do if we can, keep em coming!

Thanks for the response!
I will work with different views for the moment to handle this.