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Hi, I have a heavily-requested feature by our operations team regarding app completion functionality. I don’t think it exists already, but please let me know if it does.

When completing an app, there are several actions to choose from: Complete App Then Logout Current User, Complete App Then Change To, Complete App And Go To Splash Screen, etc. We would love to see a function that completes the app and then takes the user to the overall app menu - an/or one that completes, logs out, and then when they next log in they are taken to the overall app selection menu rather than the individual app splash screen.

Because our devices are used for many different app operations rather than being tied to a single one, our users need to remember to change the app essentially every time they log in. Often they will forget to change the app and end up starting the wrong app, because there’s no option to take them back to the main menu by default.

Additionally, can you clarify the intended function of the “Complete App Then Logout Current User” action? I was just testing it and it seems to record an app completion and log out the user, but when you log back in you are not taken back to the splash screen, but rather to the same app page where you clicked the Complete button. However, I’m pretty sure that some of our current apps using this same action do take the user to the splash screen when they next log in (which makes more sense to me). I’m not sure if it’s just a glitch for me, but it seems that this same trigger action may be doing different things in different apps, which is why I’m requesting your clarification on the intended function.

Hello Dylan,

Have you considered having a “gateway” app to solve this? The operator badges in to an app that has buttons with each app name on it with the trigger built to take them to each specific app. When the complete that particular app it takes them to a " Step through" page in the gateway app that on step open completes the gateway app and logs that operator out. I will send pics and structure later this morning.

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hello @Dylan, thanks for posting!! I can see how this useful when you have the same Player running many different apps.

are you familiar with the Player Menu > Open Menu action?? while this does not display the app selection menu, it does leave users one click away from the entire list of available apps.

here’s the Action:

and from the Player:

and interesting to read about the differing behavior on the Complete App Then Logout Current User. it is indeed intended to: 1. log a Completion, 2. log the user out, and upon re-log in 3. take the user back to the first Step in the App (and is indeed what it’s doing for me after some testing).

can you confirm the following:

  1. on the apps where you’re experiencing the Splash Screen opening you don’t have any Step Enter triggers??
  2. are is the Complete App Then Logout Current Transition triggered by the same events (button click, timer, etc.)??

finally, would you mind taking opening a new topic in Support & Troubleshooting - Tulip Community so our Support team can look into it??


Here are the pictures for the Portal/ gateway app as well
Portal Page:

Here is the button trigger argument to go to FIle open app:

When you are done in the File Open app here is the Complete Button trigger argument:

At the end of shift they can logout completely from the portal app so the next shift can log in under their badge ID

Let me know what ya think , you could also use a table with the app names to do the same function if you want to be able to add to the function dynamically.
Stay awesome!!

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Hi Gio and Chris,

Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t aware of the “Player Menu → Open Menu” action, but that’s definitely a step in the right direction and something I will try out. We have actually built a gateway app for one of our smaller build areas that works well in that scope, but I don’t think this is feasible for our general use (we have 175 apps that are frequently changing and being added to, so we really need a searchable dynamic menu just like your existing app selection menu). For now though, I will move ahead with the Player Menu action that Gio mentioned.

After some more testing, I think my confusion arose because the “Complete App Then Logout Current User” action takes the user back to the app’s first page upon the next login, rather than to the app’s splash screen (which is what I thought it did). But now that you’ve clarified the intent, I don’t think there’s a bug - I’ll let you know if I encounter any issues along these lines.


thanks for the update @Dylan, let us know if you have further questions while implementing this!!

Howdy Dylan,

Glad you have a solution to move forward with. As your operator base grows you also might want to think about utilizing a table filtered by user, role, plant utilizing the user table as to help give a permission based control should the need arise in the future.

Stay awesome and have a great weekend!

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