Confirming all items have been scanned

I am trying to understand if there is a capability in Tulip where I can determine the extent to which bar code scanning actions have been completed. For example, if I have a box (e.g. Kit ID), with a number of components in each box (e.g ID). Box and components have barcodes on them to be scanned by the operator. The data in the barcodes are pre-loaded to a Tulip table (see table example below). There will be an equal number of components in each box. I want to ensure that the operator has scanned all the components (ID) in each box (Kit ID).

As my app is currently configured, the app marks the label used (Label Used = Yes) as it is scanned. I am wondering if it is possible to identify that there are remaining IDs to be scanned (e.g. Label Used = No) for the current KIT being scanned? The operator cannot mark the Kit as completed as the app has identified other IDs to be scanned.

ID Kit Label-Used (Yes if scanned, No if not yet scanned)
1001-1 1001 Yes
1001-2 1001 Yes
1001-3 1001 No
1002-1 1002 No
1002-2 1002 No
1002-3 1002 No

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you can certainly do what you’re describing in Tulip, its implementation just depends on how you’d like the user to interface with the app. you could have a Trigger similar to this one:

to check if a Table Record with that Kit ID - Box ID already exists in your Table. as you can see, if it does not exist, the Trigger will create a new Table Record, otherwise it will display an error message to the user:

to store what the Barcode Scanner scans into a Variable, you can use a Trigger similar to this one:

your Table could have a similar structure to this one:

where the ID is Kit ID - Box ID and you can optionally store the Kit ID and Box ID in additional columns.

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