Connector using PEM certificate

I am building a connector to the Kepserver IOT Gateway. I can make the connection using a user name and password but have not been able to make the connection using the .pem certificate.

Does anyone have suggestions/guidance for setting up a connector using a .pem certificate?
Is a self signed certificate allowed or does the certificate need to be issued from a certificate authority?

I met with Kevin last week to discuss this topic.

It is indeed possible to set up a Tulip HTTP connector to trust a self-signed certificate your web service (such as Kepware IoT Gateway) uses for HTTPS connections. You will need to export the self-signed certificate from your web service and convert it to PEM format (ex. by using an open-source tool like OpenSSL). Once in PEM format, go to your Tulip HTTP connector configuration and click ‘Edit Certs’:

Paste the PEM formatted certificate in the editor:

Go back to the Connection Details page and click Test. If successful, you should see a ‘Test Passed’ message instead of a ‘self signed certificate’ message.