Convert text from Table into a Barcode

Dear Comunity,

are there any ways to convert a text (from table) to a Barcode, without using an online generator or anything else?

Regrads Hien

hello @H.Ng, thanks for posting on Community!! this is a great question and is certainly possible with the new Barcode Widget feature that was released in R198.

if you have a Table with the data you want to render in a Barcode:

load the Table Record Placeholder:

add a Barcode Widget to your App:

link the Barcode Widget to that Table Record Field:

this would render the Barcode like this:

is this helpful for what you’d like to build?? let us know if you have further questions!!

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Hello @gio,
that was very helpful. Thank you.

great to hear @H.Ng, no problem!!

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