Defect/quantity analytics

Hello, I am trying to build a graphic using analytics to show the frequency of each defect type.
My table has a collumn where I put the defect option like “LEAKING OIL”, and next to it how many peaces have this defect.
Is there a way where I can show a graphic that shows a relation between defect type and quantity?

My table is buided like that.

Hello @Oshiro, welcome to the Tulip Community!!

That’s a great question!! Just to confirm, is something like this what you’re trying to build??

If so, you can see below for the steps:

  1. Ensure the Table has a numeric field (which yours does):

  2. Create a new Analysis
    a. Navigate to Dashboards
    b. Scroll to the bottom and click Create Chart
    c. Select the Table you’re storing the data in
    d. Select Create a New Analysis

  3. Select One Operation:

  4. Set aera01_defect as the X-Axis:

  5. Set the Y-Axis to Sum of area01_bad_parts

Let me know if this covers what you were trying to build and if you have any further questions!!


That helped a lot, thanks!

Great to hear @Oshiro!!

Have a good day,