Edge IO mounting options

Since the Edge IO is kind of a “brick” I’m trying to figure out what my mounting options are.

Threaded holes for Intel Nuc style mounts would be nice. Right now I’m looking at using Velcro adhesive strips.

Hey @Richard-SNN -

In the box for your Edge IO you should have a clip to mount to DIN rail for this specific purpose.

There has been some work going on in the background around an add on mount that would allow you to mount the EIO with the logo out. This isn’t yet in production, but we could share drawings with you if you are interested in 3D printing a version until ours is in production.

For the time being, we are using 3M VHB doublesided tape and haven’t run into any issues with stability, but I can certainly understand wanting something more permanent.

Something like this would be awesome for version 2 of the Edge IO: