End user Drag & Drop Function

As a Operator I want to have a function, on selecting tables to select drag the selection and just drop it were I required, So I can make faster all the selections required for my step operation.

Hey @Alcaf77,

Can you provide a little more detail on what you are picturing?

I’m imaging on an interactive table that you could select a row and drag it into your app? Have you worked with interactive tables? They arent drag and drop, but do allow users to click into specific records and see the details for all of their records (link here)?

Is there functionality that interactive tables don’t achieve?

Thanks for the idea! Community is exactly the right place to get your voice heard.

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Yes, this an example, you have a list in your left, then it can be select a field, keep selected drag to the list from the right, and dropped. This makes as an end user a faster job, specially when is required a repetitive steps.

Answering your question, no isn´t enough. In high demand of repetitive step setting, requires a quicker and responsive solution from the app.


Hey @Alcaf77

Thanks for providing a little more color on this guy. I just threw together a quick demo of what I was thinking. Its a little less visual than a drag and drop, but achieves the same thing.

When a user selects an item on the left it is automatically added to the table on the right.

The way I am achieving this is with a trigger on the interactive table (on the left) that is creating a record in the table on the right.

You could also do the same thing to remove items from the current process.

The main technical issue with being able to drag and drop table records is how to map the fields in table A to the fields in table B. What if, for example. I named the column “Task” in table A and “Process Step” in table B. What would be the expected behavior there? Would we just not connect those fields?

Does what I showed resolve what you’re trying to do?

Thanks for the feedback! This sort of insight drives our actions to improve the product!