File Operations

Hi…Can anyone guide me, How to do file operations in Tulip like reading, writing and appending the data in a text file.

hello @gaurav.garg, thanks for posting. just to confirm, where is the text file located that you’d like to manipulate??

while it’s not immediately possible from Tulip, I have seen software such as CData, being used to manipulate data on local machines. here is some information:

hope this helps!!

The text file is in the local machine, in my Tulip account, it doesn’t show anything like a CSV connector. Am I missing something here? I thought of utilizing the “Open File” function but couldn’t find the exact way to use it.

hello @gaurav.garg, could you share a screenshot of how you’re using the Open File Action??

here’s an example:

I will point out that’s it’s only currently available from Windows, and not yet from Macintosh.

regarding the CSV connector you will need to create a Connector Function to the CData API. but if you can indeed open the file, I would recommend that as a solution.

Now here, I want to read or write in this file. With “Open File”, I couldn’t find a function to do file operations.

OK, understood!! so this Action is only to open the file, you could then use the Text Editor on your computer to actually modify the file.

does this trigger work when you run it from the Player??

I haven’t run it completely as I was looking to read and write through programming from Tulip not manually.

OK, in that case I’d look into the CData connector shared above to writing/reading from a local file.

Node-Red with Edge MC is a good option to read, write local text file from Tulip

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