Open third app from tulip player

hello guys, it could be great that tulip player can open apps or shortcuts to apps to run external apps or programs installed on the computer

im trying to use open file function but im getting file extension not allowed

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Hey @ChirristopherOficial.

What file types would you like supported? On Windows, we intentionally limit the executable file types from the open file action to limit security concerns around bogus or dangerous software being launches from a Tulip app.

Having said that, we could enable allowing this sort of functionality for customers willing to accept this added risk. Would love to understand what you are trying to launch.


thanks Pete,

yes in our tulip applications some times we ask to the operator to open software like tera term, a CMD sesion, Putty, (all executable files ) but some time the user is wasting time looking for the shortcut , we want to do it easier to our operators and open those executables from tulip our tulip apps.

Hey @ChirristopherOficial.

Thanks for the additional context! I will update the feature request and keep this thread updated as it gets addressed. In talking to the developers, this is a pretty straightforward change, but security is something we take incredibly seriously, and enabling customers to opt into a security hole is a major concern. Just something we need to think about further to approach in a way that will allow you to do anything in Tulip without creating vulnerability.

In any regard, that conversation is happening now. Thanks for this idea, Community is exactly the right place to get your voice heard!