Link to folder in file explorer

Is it possible that when I press the button that the Explorer opens a specific folder so that eg drawings can be looked up?

Thanks Henk

I don’t believe Tulip will let you open the file explorer through the player however one thing you could do is to store the path, file names, and parent folder to a tulip table then display that table filtered by folder to the user. They could then click on the file they want then you could open that file through tulip using the Open File action on a trigger connected to the table. You would however have to ensure the table is up to date.

Yes, you can trick the Open File command to open a folder. Just name your folder “Foldername.txt” or any other file type that can be open. Then your trigger can “Open file” from a static value, being your new modified folder directory.


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Files are now supported in tables! Check out the release notes here: