Uploading a pdf file

We are now able to upload a pdf file. I would like to know if it is possible to select a specific folder it opens when clicking the upload button ? I would like a direct link to my one drive.


Hey @Fiora -

This isn’t yet possible, but I will write a feature request for this.


Thanks for your answer ! :wink:

Connected with the developers -

It looks like the extent of what we can do is open the file explorer to the place it was last opened (which the input widget already does). This is a property of any web service (like Tulip apps).

Web browsers don’t have access to the file system on your computer (for security reasons) so your app doesn’t know what folders actually exist. All Tulip can do is say “Operating system open the file explorer” and the operating system decides where it opens.

There is no backdoor for us to even allow you to set a path, and the operating system will try to open at that path.


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