Open Link starting with file://


I want to open a PDF in a network folder. To get this to work, my link needs to start with file://[folder 1]/[folder 2]/[file name].pdf and it should open in an internet browser like Chrome.

Now, Tulip keeps removing the colon after “file”. The result is:
file//[folder 1]/[folder 2]/[file name].pdf

I use the function Open Link with a static value that is the above adress. (Tricks with using variables, using the expression editor, etc. didn’t help me, either). Interestingly, colons anywhere else in the link remain untouched, only the one after “file” is being removed by Tulip.

Support is informed and has forwarded this to the developers. In the mean time, does anyone else have a creative idea on how to solve this?


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Hi Christian! Yes, that is on purpose. We plan on releasing the feature that will allow you to open local files at the end of January, so about a month away.

In the mean time, the only option is to create a local fileserver and then use the iframe widget to view the file. Let us know if we can help you set that up!


Hi Kevin,

We can wait a month, good to hear that a new feature is on its way.


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@kevin.kononenko still not working for me. Do I have to use a special feature in the expression editor?


@ChristianM are you including the entire file path in the Expression Editor?? could you share a screenshot of the Trigger and of the error message (if any) you’re seeing when running the app from the Player??

Yes, currently the entire path + a variable. (I’ve tried different methods with variables and such with the same effect).
No error message, the browser is opening up as expected, however with the entire link minus the “:” behind “file” → “file//folder1/folder2/blabla.pdf”.

hello @ChristianM, thanks for clarifying.

could you us the Open File action instead of Open Link?? your browser could be preventing multiple colons from displaying in the browser (with the one in the https:// hidden).

let us know if that works for you!!


with some tricks I got it to work with Open File. Instead of using the expression editor and using ‘\network folder 1\network folder 2’ I had to put this string into a variable. Then it would work.

Either way, problem solved. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

great, thanks for the update @ChristianM!!