Windows File Explorer Support

This has become a critical issue for our future Tulip projects. We would like the ability to access the local file explorer and open files using an app.

It would look like this:

  1. User needs to view a drawing (these drawings need to be accessed via the file explorer in case they are updated)
    2.User clicks the view drawing button
    3.Trigger activates “on click” that opens the file in the specific file path
    4.Use windows default application to view the file (i.e. Excel for .xlsx, Autocad for .dxf, etc.)

Howdy Joe,
Clear Process solutions has already done an implementation of what you are describing. Give me a shout and we can set up a time to talk it through.

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Thanks Chris, I sent you a response. I would like to push this on to Tulip to see if we could get this as a built in feature in the future.

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Hi Chris,
this is an functionality that we also need, can you share the solution you are talking about?

Good afternoon hed,
Clear Process Solutions has created a internal server application that will Dowload the file from your server in it’s native format Feel free to reach out to Josh Peterson at and he will make sure we can get you the solution you need.
Stay awseome@

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Bumping this to bring it back up.

Hey Joey, appreciate the ping. We still have not been able to get to it- it is already an elevated level of urgency in our ticketing system and we know that it would help many of our users. We will have an update when it is on the path to be released!

Thanks for the update Kevin. This issue is directly aligning with a project we have coming up in November. Having this feature soon could affect the perception of Tulip as a whole at our site. If there is anyway this could be expedited we would be very grateful.

Hey Guys, we will need this also!
For use cases, especially in assembly, it would be helpful to be able to view files from a local shared drive. For example, it would be good to be able to display technical drawings and PDF files dynamically based on variables.
Daniel from DMG

Good news, Daniel. We plan to launch this functionality in Feb 2021 on Windows only. Will update this thread when it goes live!


Great to hear! :grinning:

Some news about this feature?

hello @youri.regnaud, the Open File Action has been added in Release 201:

just to confirm, is that what you were referring to??

@Daniel just so you’re aware too, see above!!

Hey @gio
good Step in the right direktion. This helps at some Points. Good Job!
The next improvement would be to include this in the widgets.

It would be a use case in the widget for PDF to be able to load a file dynamically.
That would also not disturb the user experience so much by fading.


great to hear @Daniel!!

ahh OK, are you thinking in the similar way in which a URL can be loaded for the CAD widget??

@kevin.kononenko can provide more context on that. would you mind posting a new topic in Product suggestions - Tulip Community??