Gateway connectivity issue to Tulip instance

Dear Tulip support team

Currently, I am having a use case as operators always be hand-busy with limited convenience to interact with Tulip tablet in tracking the start/stop time of the processes.
So, I am attempting to use foot pedal as start/stop triggers connecting with Tulip Gateway, instead of finger-clicking on the tablet screen.

Therefore, I am trying to use 2-3 Gateways, meaning each Gateway working only on one specific station/step.
I have successfully registered 3 Gateways, namely Gateway 1, Gateway 2, and Gateway 3 to my Tulip instance.

The issue I am facing is only Gateway 1 appeared and could be selected inside the Step’s Machine&device Logic.
In other word, I cannot use Gateway 2 and 3 to execute the foot pedal function though they are online and available.
May I know why am I only able to see one Gateway to be selected inside the logic, as there are already 3 Gateways registered into the instance?

Let me know if I did miss out on setting up anything in this regard.
Thank you all!
Stay safe and take care!!


Hello @YongShengSingapore,
You were only seeing one Gateway in the selection modal since the footpedal was connected to that specific gateway only!

Let us know if you have any more questions!


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commenting so I can follow for any updates. @YongShengSingapore, was it an issue of only having 1 foot pedal, instead of 3 foot pedals?