Generate and export XML file


Is there a way to generate a XML and export it to a local PC where the Application is running?


Fernando Oshiro

hello @Oshiro,

XML is supported via Connectors (more info: the endpoint does need to be accessible from the internet (not local).

alternatively, you can export CSV’s and PDF’s of app completion data:

and CSV’s of Table data:

does this answer your question?? furthermore, do you mind if I ask what you are building??


There is no way that I can generate the XML inside the App than export it to a local desktop?

@Oshiro not directly. you could do the following:

  1. use Print Using System Dialogue action (
  2. save the the file as a PDF locally when the printer dialogue pops up
  3. use an online conversion tool (for example: to go from PDF > XML

let me know if this would work for you!!