GxP App "Configuration" w/o CSV via Table Content

I’ve started thinking about additional ways I can “configure” my GxP apps by loading various content from table recrods rather than “hard-coding” into my apps. Examples could include Error and Message content, Zebra label ZPL code content, and more. I intend to use an app to modify this table content (our PROD instance doesn’t allow direct manipulation of table content except by admin/account-owner), and would require a 2nd person signature (e.g. Quality approver) to make changes to such content.

One of the challenges I think with this approach is that there isn’t a way to call a text string from a table and have it contain references to variable or other app or table info from within the app. Is there some kind of “escape” notation that would allow this?

The workaround would be to structure the calls within the app to reference table record text content prededing and following variable references, but this seems tedious and limiting, although it does provide some extra protection against omitting content that was indended to be displayed.

Curious if/how others have dealt with this.

Hey Jim,

Can you describe more about the motivation for storing content in table records and what scenarios you would want to update that table record from an app? Ex. are you thinking that for your zebra zpl code for instance, you would call that code from a single table record to use in multiple apps and thats why you’d prefer to store in a table rather than in an app variable?

Second question to better understand - is the goal to use the table record to store an expression rather than static text?

I know this is a conceptual question, but if you have a good example it may help us better understand your proposal!