How to clear signature field after signing

Hi, is there a way to clear the signature input after it has been signed? I have an app that is having the user check in materials and having them add a signature. It works well the first time, but when you navigate back to the step to reuse it to check in a different item, the signature field has already been signed.

Hey @Xuan I believe this is expected behavior and the way to re-use the step is to “Complete” the app before coming back to the step. This can be a bit tricky as Table Records and Variables will be cleared. Variables can be set to saved using functionality in the variables menu, but there is definitely a gap around doing this same thing for table records.

You will need to build some fun logic to log the active record into a Stations table On App Completion and then re-load it On App Start. It is unfortunate that this requires extra trigger logic but there are hundreds of use cases for this trick, so it is probably a good pattern to start getting comfortable with as you grow in your Tulip app building career.

This tutorial I made a while back walks through this exact pattern, albeit for a different purpose.


I have the signature widget in a few of my applications. I end up Completing the App when they fail an authenticity check. It works, but it would be really helpful if there was a way to clear it.

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Thanks! I was able to get it working by completing the app.

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