How to use the language translation in the form step

When I want to use the language translation in the form step, the Boolean input label could not realize the language translation function.

Hey @Emily

One of the advantages of form steps is the automatically do much of this translation. For example, here is a basic form step in english and german, I didn’t need to define translations for each field.

There are some limitations however - right now labels in form steps arent supported by multi-lingual feature, but there is a feature request in right now to enable that functionality.

As a little more context -
We don’t see too many customers using form steps anymore, they often instead choose to use traditional steps over from steps for data collection usecases. Because of this form steps have lagged the rest of the product some when it comes to these new features (for example, a boolean on a form step can’t be changed from a checkbox to toggle).

Does this help answer your question?

Thanks Pete for your reply