Translate App Info/Step Name

Hi! When we have translations enabled on an application, we typically have the ability to translate buttons, text, etc. However, we frequently use the “app info: step name” variable widgets as well as other app info variables in our application to lighten the change management workload. Unfortunately, we face an issue where we cannot translate step names. When they are used in the application, they appear in English without the possibility of translation. This creates a challenge in ensuring consistency and translation customization across all aspects of the application interface. Is this on the roadmap for Translations?

Hi @nicolettenaya,

Glad you asked this question! Yes, we do have some features that will help with this. Currently planned for this spring, we’ll be introducing new AI triggers. One of the functions will be translations. You can use this to translate static text, variables, and app info.

Below is an example of how a trigger could be constructed to translate app info.

Takes Step Name translates it to OperatorLanguage and stores that value in TranslatedStepName

This trigger could run on step entry (or App Start), and would allow you to build a step that dynamically updates the text based on the operators language.

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Awesome! Looking forward to it.