Image Load Time

Hey Everyone,
Has anyone found a trick to having an image load and display faster in an app? I am not using unusually high image resolution by today’s standards, but it still loads like I am on dial-up in the 1990s. Thanks.

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hello @Jeff, thanks for posting!! images are indeed not supposed to load at 1990s dial up speeds.

just to help troubleshoot, what is the Download Bandwidth you’re getting when navigating to https://{{instance_name}}

Hey Geo, do you want me send you the json of the results of the network test?

hello @Jeff, yes a JSON + a screenshot would be appreciated. thanks!! could also include the results from

finally, is it only the images that are taking longer to load or are you seeing this with other features in Tulip??


The images are what takes long

I notice this as well, after Tulip transitions to another slide the images do load slow, also when there is a lot of logic to work through, you’re sitting at the app for awhile waiting for it to think.