Import CSV with "link"

Hi Tulip Team,

I notice that the “link” between tables can only be set up in the app or in table manage page, but not by importing CSV with “links” that created within Excel. Correct me if wrong.

If so, I suggest to have the function of importing CSV with " links". I kinda understand that it matters with two or more tables, so only uploading one table with “link” makes it not very logical, but it’s really painful when you are dealing with thousand or more rows with multiple fields of “links”.

Hey @Wesley -

This isn’t currently possible with CSV imports, but I wrote a feature request for it.

Can you give a little more information around why you are doing record linking outside of Tulip? We are always looking to understand what is driving users to edit their data outside of Tulip and then importing it.


Hi Pete,

Thanks for response.

The reason that I have to edit outside Tulip is that we have already a lot data available, and then we had the idea of making an app of tulip to manage those data. So, on one hand we need to work how to make tulip tables with the app, on the other hand, we need to edit the available table to matching tulip tables, then we can import.

We tend to make tulip table simple to make the app running smoothly, but actual data can be with multiple dimension, then this naturally make us pop up ideas to have links between tulip tables.


Hey @Wesley

Thanks for the context! We are going to try to sneak this feature into a quick wins sprint around tables coming up very soon. This use-case totally makes sense, and is something we want to be able to support asap.

Keep the good ideas coming!