Is it possible to reset all app variables to default values?

I was wondering is there a method for resetting all variables in an app to their default values?

In the app I’m developing, the user is able to view, compare to previous versions, and edit some information that takes ~160 variables. Because of the nature of being able to compare and edit values, there are currently 2 different versions of these variables, the base versions and the comparison versions.

When the user exits this editor and goes back to a selection screen where they select the next table record to work on, I’d like to clear out all of these ~320 variables to make sure that there isn’t an instance where incorrect / old data is shown when a new record is loaded. Hopefully that all made sense.

Is there a method for resetting all app variables back to their default values, or do I need to reset them each individually?

Edit: Well, I imagine hitting the “Reset all app variables to defaults” selection would do what I want… Whoopsie. Don’t know how I missed that one.

In case anyone else is blind like me, there’s a selection under “Data Manipulation” that literally says “Reset All App Variables To Defaults”

Image for reference: