Reset data to their default values in a table

I have a table with a fixed number of records and I use it in an app. On the app, I change some of the values of the records, but when the app is complete, I would like to reset the changed values back to their original values in the table. How can I do it ?


Hi @elodie.cazenave,

why would you change data in a Table, if you dont want to have those data in the Table?

Usualy I suggest using Table Data for storage after runtime or data exchange to other apps and storing temporary data in app only.

What is the use case? Maybe its better to load a table record into a variable and make those changes only there.

Since its a fixed number of rows, you could write a trigger that sets them all back one by one. You could also potentially create some code that calls the Tulip API Tulip API Docs | Tulip and loops through row by row (Update is for one row only) and sets them back.