Is linked variable of table was actually selected

I got a table from a connector function, and I embeded this table on the step window and created a linked variable :

Than I add the desire columns to be shown, until now every thing is ok.

On runtime, how can I know if the user clicked on the table and selected a row ? so in the trigger I have created in a button, I’m using data from this selected line for further processings.

If no row was selected, I get an error in runtime on this trigger.

I really don’t know if on simple internal table of Tulip, it will behave the same.

Thank you,
Amit Berku

hello @Amit, thanks for posting!!

this can be done using the Row Selected Trigger. if you scroll down on the widget pane once the Interactive Table is selected, you’ll see option to add a Trigger:

with this, you can add a ‘Row Selected’ Trigger to accomplish the logic you’re looking to add:

did I correctly understand your problem?? let us know if this makes sense and helps with what you’re building!!

That working great, in this trigger I created a new boolean variable to keep the value Yes if a row was selected, I intialized it on the step event trigger.

Thank you,
Amit Berku

great to hear!! thanks for the update @Amit