Kanban / Pull systems

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share another use case that I am pretty excited about. I’m a big fan of materials and planning systems so I’m very excited that we now that we have tulip tables available.

One of the best use cases I can think of using this new feature is a simple pull system / kanban system.

Take a look at the video I just posted and let me know what you think! This app works right of the box with Tulip (so no SQL databases or anything required). Basically, it enables internal customers and suppliers to communicate within set parameters of replenishment (often called “kanban loops”). In this way, a planner can configure a part number to operate under certain conditions (3 cards of 50, 5 day lead time, for example).

Signalling like this should be easy but is sometimes made more difficult by adding administrative burden (printing kanban cards whenever you want to update, collecting and processing cards, etc.). We have computers now - let’s use them!

Let me know what you think!