Library Release 29 - November 2021

We’re excited to announce the 29th release of the Tulip Library!

The Library is a set of apps, app suites, or connectors, that can be added to your account and used out of the box. Each app comes with an installation guide and a video describing how the app works and what it can be used for.

If you’d like to use this app, click on the app’s link below and install it to your account today!

Release 29:

Color Configuration

The Color Configuration app teaches you to create and configure colors and color variables in Tulip apps. This allows you to build interactive, intuitive, user-friendly apps for operators.

Digital System Access Management

The updated Digital Systems Access Management app allows users to submit requests to gain access to a particular digital system in your operation. Business and technical owners of each system can review access requests, and approve or deny them.

Digital System Inventory

The updated Digital Systems Inventory app allows you to maintain a consolidated list of digital systems your business uses, the business and technical owners of each system, and your periodic access review requirements.

Get started with these apps and more in the Tulip Library.