Lock Axis When Moving Elements

It would be nice to lock the movement axis when rearranging elements on a step similarly to how photoshop allows you to move only along the X or Y axis if Shift is held.

Sometimes I want to adjust the Y axis of multiple elements without it attempting to snap to other elements along the X axis, and while you can just hold the up or down arrow key, this method is much slower than being able to click and drag it along an axis.

Hi Richard,

Good news! We implemented Shift+Drag to constrain elements to the X or Y axis approximately three months ago. Is this not working for you?

Product Manager

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Ah, I see. It appears that snapping is overriding the axis lock. When I have a lot of elements relatively close together or elements near the edge of the screen I am still getting movement on both axes.

For example: I have an element whose starting value is 2 on the X axis. If I hold shift and drag down, it is locking to Y movement, but only after snapping left as well and moving to 0 on the X axis. I have a lot of variables displayed, so when I move one of those elements on the Y or X axis, it is still snapping to page edges, midpoints, and the edges of other elements on screen.

That makes complete sense Richard - thank you for testing! This will likely be solved with upcoming improvements to snapping in coming months. I’ll aim to send you a quick update to let you know when that has launched.