Microsoft Access Integration

We have the case that a Microsoft Access structure that has grown over the years exists in one of our use cases. This is to be replaced by TULIP in the long term. However, it is necessary to access this data for the transition period. Does anyone have experience with the integration?

@Daniel - While MS Access does not offer out-of-the-box REST/SOAP-based APIs, however, development can be done on top of the server by using ASP.NET core (framework) to build web services over HTTP that can be consumed by Tulip. You can then build connector functions to interface with these web services that can either pull information from Access or update information.

Additionally, if the user has access to the database directly, you can build SQL queries to get/update information.

There is information available in Microsoft’s official documentation around .NET framework to build web services. For ex: Microsoft Doc for.NET


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