Missing Variable_Interactive table

Hello Tulip Support & Community,

I would like to use a variable in an Interactive table. The variable (Logged-in_user) is existing. I checked it at Variables, and it’s used at: Select a Work Order and Master Layout. But it can not be chosen in Interactive table.
Could you please help which step did I leave out?

It’s in John’s great Tulip Essentials video:
Tables /Build it with me: Production Tracking App with Tables at 5:20

Missing Variable_Interactive table

Hi @kar ,
The Logged-in-User variable now lives under the App Info tab. Here is how it should be accessible to you -

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Thanks @Het!

Do we have a collection of changes since previous software versions? In which we can search for keywords, and can find similar changes.
If it exists, I would not burden the common chat with similar issues.