Moving stations between workspaces

I am managing a shop floor with ~50 stations. We are in a development phase and transferring our stations to another workspace. Do I need to physically go to each display device and register it to the work station or can I remotely change Stations to the next workspace?

Hey Sari!
I’m interesting in learning more about your question! Can you describe more what led to this transfer, are you trying to only move stations and display devices into a different workspace due to an organizational change or is this a larger transfer involving other resources like apps and tables?
As for display devices, are you asking whether this change will require you to re-register each device in the new workspace or to simply re-assign them?

Yes this is due to an organizational change. Yes also asking if I need to re-register each device. I have currently been registering using the Tulip Player registration link when I create the device in the workspace. I am wondering if I can just re-assign the device to the new workspace instead of re-registering.
Also your questions made me realize I really only need to re-assign devices to the new workspace. I do not need to re-assign the new stations, because they are simple enough to create in the new workspace. The display device is what I am concerned about because I have been physically logging into each device (~50) to register them via link.

So you will need to re-register the display devices to your new workspace - but the good news is you can actually create multiple display devices and stations (including their registration links) at once! What is the Display Devices Page?

To save you from having to re-register all the display devices yourself - you can share the links with your operators and have them complete registration as well Setting up a Display Device Using a Registration Link

Does this help?