MQTT Machines don't support string types?

I’ve started playing around with MQTT for machines and I’ve had some luck. But when I went back and looked I noticed that integer attributes update fine but string ones never do.

I can browse and attach the attribute fine but they stay permanently stuck at “No data available” if if I force a new MQTT message to publish.

Is this expected?

EDIT: This is LTS 11.

Hmmm. Certainly not expected. Just verified I am getting string updates on my machine in LTS11. Do you mind shooting an email to so they can dig into your specific mapping?


I was going to see if I could reproduce the issue on our dev instance (running biweekly release) first, but it looks like the connector host has not been updated (doesn’t allow secure MQTT connections).

IT should fix that sometime tomorrow.

Just in case anyone else reads this, the problem should be fixed in the LTS 11.1 connector host.

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