Multi Lingual University support

Hi, we are rolling out to multiple countries and have requests if the University content will be in Japanese, or even subtitles I expect would help?

Thanks all


Hey @Dodd -

Just talked to our head of university. He has been tied up with the transition of platform in the last few months, but multi-lingual subtitles are on his radar and one of his priorities in the coming few quarters. Are there other languages you would use if they existed outside of Japanese?


Hi Pete, Chinese would be a good one, we have a customer with 2 sites there and they translated some of it internally, so that would be useful. Other countries we work with seem more acceptable of English, but Spanish/French would be beneficial as some of the front line staff might not be comfortable with English. We haven’t worked in Korea yet with Tulip but have customers there and they would want local language to make self-service work Id expect

Hey @Dodd,

Thanks for this list! I just passed on to our education lead.