New "Tulip Challenges" Series is Live on University!

New Tulip Challenges Series on University

Tulip University recently released Tulip Challenges, a series of bite-sized, open-ended problems and answer keys designed to gradually teach fundamental concepts of no-code development:

Challenges grow progressively more complex, beginning with creating a one-button “Hello World” application and ending with building fully functional applications.

You can enroll in each challenge chronologically or select individual challenges based on need/use-case. 

By the end of the series, you’ll have worked with almost all of Tulip’s tools and features and developed the skills needed to build most applications. 

Topics include:

  • Admin capabilities
  • App Editor
  • App Player
  • Publishing an Application
  • Data Entry
  • Arrays
  • Connectors
  • Expression Editor
  • Stations
  • Tables
  • Queries
  • Trigger Logic
  • Typecasting
  • User Interface Design
  • And more
  •  Become a Tulip expert by taking just a few minutes each day to solve a challenge. 

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