Notification message to all App users

I would like to propose a feature for Account Owners / Workspace Owners to notify any message to all users in that instance/Workspace.

I think the upper part of the Splash screen for each Apps can be used for showing the message.

One example is to notify the scheduled maintenance down time of the Connector funciton.

Hi Aoki-san, thank you for this idea. Let me make sure I understand- are you saying that at your company, certain external systems may be down for maintenance. So, you want to add a warning at the top of the Player when this happens, so that users understand that the connector function(s) in their apps may not be successful and therefore they may not be able to send/retrieve the right data?

@danielpomeranz has a very good tutorial on how to do this.


Dear Kevin-san,
Yes, kind of.
I want Account Owners to have a way to announce something to all Tulip users.
Connector downtime is just one example. It could also be a scheduled maintenance announcement of the Tulip instance itself. (The user would not see the message when Tulip is down, but we could announce that several days before the schedule)
It could be a way to guide our users to internal FAQ site.

Thank you for the information!
In our instance’s case, we have so many Apps already. Adding the message showing widget to all the Apps are unrealistic.

Understood! Will track this alongside the project that we call “Notification Feed” internally.

As for scheduled maintenance events, we are launching a support article in April that will share this schedule for every instance. So look out for that announcement soon!