NTP setting on Edge MC

I have 2 Edge MC devices side by side. One of them has a drop down to set the NTP Server, and the other does not. How do I make this function visible? Currently, the one without the ability to change the setting is off by 6 hours. The other has already been configured with the proper NTP server.

Time setting appears to be correct. It was a UTC setting in Node-Red. But, I still don’t understand why I don’t have an option for setting the NPT.

Hi @dee.brann ,

The NTP fields first show up in OS40. If you update the device, this configuration should be available. Can you confirm the version of the OS or apply the upgrade?


Hello @dee.brann

It is certainly odd that you cannot set the NTP server. I tried to replicate on my end with os44.2 but everything seemed to be working.

Can we set up a time on Monday to see what is going on via the remote access?

@amisch , sure we can connect. My schedule is open this afternoon.

Ok, Does 3 eastern time work for you? Can you also open a support ticket with the remote access details?

Alex Misch

Yes I can do 3 eastern. I’ll put in a ticket now.

I took a quick look at the device and it looks like there’s some kind of discrepancy between what version of the OS the device is on and what the server thinks it’s on. I’m going to roll the device back and re-perform the update so it is on OS44.2.

@dee.brann The device should be all set now.

I see that it is. Thanks.