Open File to Intranet file (not local or internet)

I am unable to connect in my App to an intranet file.

I get a red notice saying “Error opening File R:… File or folder does not exist”.

Open link works for internet addresses. But my file is in the Intranet.

I have tried Open file, Static Value, with and without quotes - it does not work.

I tried Open File, Expression “C:\Users/erodgers/Desktop/170060110.pdf” - It Works.

Does this mean I have to upload all the drawings to each machine that will run this App? Is there a way to access the Intranet, in this case R:\Data\QMS\Tulip\Linac FA\Linac FA Drawings\Step 1. I also tried adding the .pdf at the end with no luck.

Any assistance will be appreciated.

The R:/ designation is just how that is mapped to your PC. Try replacing it with the actually directory name. So if I were trying to do what you are I would put \w0186fs08\Documents\Document_Name\Spreadsheet.csv