Open OneDrive file on tablet

Hello everyone,
I don’t know if it is possible yet but I would like to be able to open a OneDrive file from an Ipad. I know that on a computer application, it uses local path but have no clue on how to do it from a tablet.

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Hi @Fiora - Do you mind sharing a little bit more about your situation here? Do you currently have an app that connects to one drive but it is not working on an Ipad? Any additional information or screenshots you can give will help the community provide some suggestions!


Hello Beth,

Thank you for your answer.
Currently, I have a button that open a file on the local machine using this expression :

I would like to be able to do the same on an Ipad (not used for the moment) but as there is no local folder as a computer, I was wondering if it could be possible by replacing the trigger by “Open application” redirecting to the right folder on the OneDrive app for a tablet.

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Hi Fiora,

Thanks for the details! I am still talking with our team about this, just didn’t want you to think we forgot about it :slight_smile: I’ll get back to you soon.


In my opinion,you should make the file as a Link (https:xxxxx/xxxx/xxx), but not a static address in Ipad.
So you can use “Open Link” to do that thanks for the suggestion here! I am curious if you have done this before specifically with OneDrive? I am asking because while some apps support deep links or custom protocol, it doesn’t look like OneDrive supports either of these.

The open file trigger is limited to just desktop player app, so right now, I don’t think it is possible to open a OneDrive file from an iPad due to the limitation mentioned above on the OneDrive side of things.