People - Email for Users vs. Admins Only

We could really value from being able to assign email addresses to Users as well as Administrators.

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and avoid administrator roles for operator!

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It would be great if we could assign people into email groups also, so that you would not have to add each person as a separate line in each trigger.


Bringing this topic back from the grave to see if we’ve had any progress on this front. Being able to add an email address to an operator would be great, but I would also like to be able to just send an email to an arbitrary string.

hello @Ethan, thanks for bringing this back up!! I have asked our Product team to provide an update.

in the meantime, have you considered using a service such as SendGrid to send an email to an arbitrary string as you mention?? here’s a quick demo:

  1. create an account on SendGrid and get your API credentials (you will also need to register and verify an email)
  2. set up your Connector Function with the credentials you just created:

Authorization: Bearer {{your API}}
Content-Type: application/json

3. create a function to send the email:

Method: POST
Endpoint: /v3/mail/send
Request Body:

[{“to”: [{“email”: “to”}]}],
“from”: {“email”: “{{enter your email}}”},
“subject”: “subject”,
“content”: [{“type”: “text/plain”, “value”: “body”}]}

  1. run the Connector Function from an app

this will send emails as follows:

of course, you can modify the recipient, subject line and body to be anything you’d like.

would this help in what you’re trying to build?? let us know!!


Hey Ethan, we do not have any short term plans for adding email addresses for operators or emailing users outside of Tulip. Gio’s suggestion is a good one in the meantime!

Thanks so much for the in depth solution, that will work great!

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great to hear @Ethan, thanks for letting us know!!

Before I go through the process of setting this up, does this work with GovCloud instances? Thanks

Hi Guys,
Thanks @gio for this solution. I have tested it today and it works perfectly. Waiting for emailing users outside of Tulip.
Just one thing, the Email can’t be sent when we clic on return on the Email body.
Have a great day,