More dynamic e-mailing options

Right now it looks like the only way to set up the sending of an e-mail is by hard coding it in a trigger person-by-person. What I’d like to be able to do is send an e-mail to someone based on who the supervisor of the logged in user is or based on who is part of what group (i.e: I created a custom field under People to list what functional group each person belongs to). For example, if I had a table or database with information on all of our Team Member’s supervisors, I could use this in any sort of request-type app where if the person is submitting a request, it would e-mail the supervisor to let them know they have to log in and approve the request. People come and go and switch positions frequently - managing e-mail triggers is not a realistic task as it stands currently.


I just completed a work flow app and was think the same thing. This would be super helpful.