Please add Cad File to tables (a tale of bunnies and wizards)

So opening embedded cad files is great!
The file option not being dynamic is not great.
Currently you have ot first ask for the feature to be turned on ( no big deal)
Then you select your file and upload it (all right standard tulip process in place)


but that is it one file per step (this is madness!!!)
I hop like an easter bunny over to tables to see if I can upload it as an image but nay!
like an old grey wizard tables told me, “You Shall Not UPLOAD .STL files”
So then I go back to the step and copy the address in the upload bar

and I paste it into a text column in my table


Then like little bunny fufu I go hopping through the forest back to the step and delete the address in the upload bar


so I can then do a table lookup for teh elusive CAD_NODEL and make it a variable

So I can make 2 models dynamic
Tulip make my Easter dreams come true and add Cad_file as an upload type to tables so we can all be like dynamic models and work that runway!!!
Stay awesome !
And on a serious note thank you for your time and consideration.

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Haha appreciate the narrative Chris :slight_smile:

We definitely want to add this functionality, and will probably add a bunch of different file types to tables at once so that we can tie all the other similar requests into one project.

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Hey Kevin, is there a timeline for the file attachment feature? I believe I had seen somewhere Q1 was the target. We are looking at sometime in autumn to go live with our Tulip system and it would be great to have the file attachment feature before then. In our use case we don’t necessarily need to be able to view the files within Tulip, it’s mostly an organization and collection of all relevant data.

Hey Ethan, this is certainly a popular one. Unfortunately, I don’t have a timeline at this point but we are excited about building it.

Are there any specific file types that you will be looking for? In most cases, we have heard that users want to be able to also view those files within apps, so we will probably prioritize those file types that are also viewable in apps.

We’re looking at pretty standard stuff, PDF’s and CSV files mostly. The csv files would have in excess of 100,000 rows of data so we’re not expecting Tulip to be able to view those files in any way. PDF’s would be nice to view but not essential for how we’d be using the feature.

I second the PDFs. It would be a great help for my company (DMG MORI) as well as many of our customers, if it would be possible to show different PDFs in the same Step, depending from the user input. It would also be nice if the source could also be the local file system, as many for many of our customers it would be additional (not wanted) work to upload the PDFs into the tables.

Further I would say, that TIFF/TIF should be a allowed image format.


I just wanted to clarify on the original question from this post. Is there any way to upload a variable into “embed CAD” that isn’t in the format of an AWS upload (see circled above, Which would mean you have to upload it, copy the upload link, then put that link as the variable. I think that’s what he is describing above.

Because what I would like is for the variable for the embedded CAD to be the file path.
ex. D:[folder][folder]\filename.stl
I know the file path is correct because I’m able to use it with the “open file” action. But it doesn’t seem to be working for the embed CAD. Is that possible?


I’ve also tried for the variable to be a Onedrive link as well. The outcome of a file path and onedrive link as the variable is the same, just waiting.