Please add Device ID property in Caliper or Depth Gauge trigger with Mitutoyo U-WAVE-R

Hello Support team and everyone,

I would like to suggest one thing about U-WAVE-R. When I connect U-WAVE-R to an Edge IO, we can enable U-WAVE-R driver on the portal and it allows us to get a measurement value only from “Caliper or Depth gauge” trigger.

My suggestion is to add a Device ID of Mitutoyo U-WAVE TC. U-WAVEPAK can choose to output a Device ID. So, we will identify the correct gauges to get a measurement value. Now device.output has only data property. Please add Device ID property.

Kind Regards,
Akira Takahashi


Thanks for the suggestion! This makes total sense. We have some improvements planned to drivers overall coming up, we’ll be sure to look at this as part of that work.



Hello Adam-san,

Thank you for your comment. As you understood, U-WAVE-R can handle 100 measurement tools maximum via wireless. We need Device IDs to identify them.

I hope this request will be included to the improvements.

Kind Regards,
Akira Takahashi