Pre-set output name

after a discussion with our quality management it is very import to pre-set the output name when printing our QM protocols as PDF.
I know that you call the system printing dialog, but the pre-set file name is at the moment “Tulip_Player”. So all employee have to change this to the given correct file name.

Is it possible? Within Windows it is possible with an API call parameter.


Hey Chris, can you provide a screenshot of what you are referring to?

Hi Kevin,
here it comes…
When printing steps or a step group via PDF printer, the pre-set name is “Tulip_Player.pdf”
I like to be able to use a trigger like
Print steps: “Printouts” FileName Expression: @Variable.Filename+@Variable.Version

With this the filename for PDF are pre-set and also the filename in the pinter queue can be better identified.
Our test protocols have a unique filename, containing unique parts to identify. This PDF must be stored in the filesystem orientating at the filename.
Is it yet more clear?