Release 200 - January 2021

These are the product updates in release 200.

Release 200 goes live to all production customers on 01/31/2021.

Developer Mode is now available for all production users

Developer Mode is a new interface in the Tulip App Editor. Instead of running apps in the player to see changes and ensure everything is working, you can select “Test” and view the app in a sandbox environment, within Google Chrome.


  • Empty strings and null values can be returned from JSON connector functions
  • Tulip Tables API now supports multiple sort options
  • New machines open in edit mode
  • Special characters can be used in Connector editor


  • Machine state duration is calculated in local timezone
  • Analytics are calculated in local timezone
  • The Stations page will now load faster
  • Variable widgets now show a separate data source selection for App Info
  • Tables display the correct number of records
  • Connector or Machine Header names no longer push buttons out of view
  • Less delay when using URLs to navigate directly to an app in Player
  • Player does not use extra memory when displaying dynamic analysis
  • Operators can always switch from player app menu