Split table in tulip table and interactive tabel

i want to make a split table like this both in tulip table and in interactive tableScreenshot (1388)

hello @sagar007, could you describe a little more on how the information is currently organized?? would all the information be stored in a Tulip Table and you’d like to embed it within an App??

this article may be useful to get a better idea of how the Interactive Table can be used to display information from a Table: Displaying Interactive Lists of Table Records Or Connector Output in Apps | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps.

hello @gio , i want the first row in both tulip table and interactive table as date, time , container and pass/fail as column and in second row ,want to split SS and FE in Pass/Fail column.

hello @sagar007, thanks for clarifying!!

have you considered splitting out the two pass/fail columns as such:

once you have the data stored in the Table, you can Filter or create Table Queries to display the information as you’d like. more information can be found here: Tulip Table Queries and Aggregations | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps.

does this help in what you’re trying to build??