State of Edge devices?

Hi all,
short question: is it possible to get the current state of an edge device and show it in Tulip?

We’re using several edge devices for our Zebra printers and I like to know if a device is unreachable (and so the printer too) und to inform the user.

Regards Chris

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Hey Christian,

You can see Edge device status on the “Shop Floor” page of Tulip Instance (Checking The Status of Devices on Your Shop Floor).

But I think maybe your question is in regards to wanting to show an error of some sort while an app is running if a Zebra printer (connected via Edge device) is offline/unreachable - is that correct?

Hi Beth,
yes, I would like to get the state of the Edge Device (from a function call). Similar to the table api "Test Result: Status

2 items

or a connector function or Tulip function

If Edge_device_1.Status Is True/False Then ...

Regards Chris

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Hi Chris -

Thanks for the clarification here, after talking to the team, it seems there is some work being scoped to eventually have public API endpoints to get edge device status (and provide the solution you are looking for here), but that may not be coming for a while due to other priorities.

In the meantime, you could try and attempt to send a blank message to the printer on startup and if it errors that will be visible in the app.