Stations shuts down flags


Currently, process auditing or inventoring require to stop production for diverses reasons (prevent any cheated, financial consolidation,…) and the shop floor tool cannot provide a kind of “shuts down” capability.
We have found a workaround by setting up a “shot down” application. But this action recommends to manipulate each time, each stations (with somedays some mistakes).

Moreover, this functionnality could provide a better visibility about " the stations used or not".

Hi Mathieu, thanks for sharing this. We always try to solve problems in a generalizable way, so I am thinking of a generic solution to this.

One idea is a “When Table Record Value is changed to X” trigger that would run in apps. You could create a “Stations Table” then watch for a status change on the station in the table. Would that work?

Hi kevin,
your solution does not totally respond to my remark.

There are two main points :

  • track and trace activated station
  • disbladed stations

I am not pretty sur that using table record could ensure the both points…
I wonder if a flag parameter can allow us to desactivate and activate a station such as people object.

Ah, I understand now. With the new “Apps@Edge” infrastructure, you cannot disable a station directly from the Stations page.

However, once we release the “When” “Table Record is changed” trigger in the coming months, you will be able to manage station status via a table.

As for tracing active and disabled stations on the Stations page, we definitely need to make improvements here. The first step will be sharing the Station Name within the Player so that you can easily see the mapping between the Display Device Name and the Station name and then track it down on the Stations page.

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