Touch Gestures that activate triggers for mobile devices

It would be great if we could add step gestures. For instance you could add a trigger to a swipe motion to initiate a step transition. Or a double tap could trigger a tooltip, etc etc.

Not the most impactful feature but a nice polished experience for the end-user and more flexibility for mobile devices (less screen real-estate make these touch triggers quite handy to achieve a clean GUI)

Hey @stijn.devriendt -

I totally love this idea, hadn’t thought about this one, but its great! Wrote up a feature request for this guy.

One of the things that often limits our flexibility when it comes to this sort of thing is insuring it will work across all of the devices and interfaces where a Tulip app can be run. For example. I know a swipe up does something special on devices running IOS (Ipads, Iphones, etc) so that isn’t a control we would look to enable for any Tulip apps. We need to work with the controls that none of the operating systems use. which can be a challenge. This is a challenge we face when doing something like firing a trigger if someone types some key combo, operating systems and web browsers have reserved many of these for their controls.

None the less, a solvable problem!

Thanks for the idea!