Trigger: Scan Optical Barcode

what is the exact use of this trigger? In the linked article on the support page this trigger is not used.

Regards Chris

hello @ChrisF, the Scan Optical Barcode can be used to scan barcodes using the built in camera on the device running the Player.

to add a Barcode Widget, you can navigate to Camera > Barcode Scanner:

once you have the Widget in your app, you will be able to use Scan Optical Barcode as a Trigger to perform actions. for example:

does this make sense?? let us know if you have follow up questions!!

Hi Gio,
using the widget is not the problem and content of my question.
this is a function within a trigger. Searching the KB for this, i found an overview of the trigger function, but following the link for this funktion, the trigger function name is never used.
So, what do this function really ? As far as i notice it opens a further scanner windows/layer. Is this correct?

Can i use this with a handheld barcode scanner, not a camera?
REgards Chris

Hi Chris, “Scan Optical Barcode” is deprecated functionality. It will be removed from the product in the next few weeks.

The “When” “Barcode scanned (optical)” trigger is the improved version of this functionality.

Hi Kevin,
this is only for the camera widget as barcode scanner. For handheld scanner you must use the Device-Trigger: When device: “Barcode scanner” outputs at “this station”


Correct! Yep, those are our two intended pathways:

  1. For physical barcode scanners
  2. For camera inputs that can scan barcodes